Explore More Summit Bodies Edition

Welcome to the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition.
Five days of powerful talks about diet culture, fat acceptance, self-love, and healing.

Already know you want in? Join this free online five day event beginning Monday, December 4, 2017.


What if you are enough? What if your body is not the problem? What if everything you've been told about your worth is wrong? If you're ready to find some ease, ask big questions, create new stories about what it means to be in your body, on your terms...

you're in the right place to explore more.

Choose your own adventure...

Each intimate discussion is a deep dive into that expert's personal toolboxes of skills, stories, and experiences… so you can explore ways to revolutionize your own life from a rich variety of voices. The theme of this break-out summit is, "It's not you, it's us." 

Individually, we are not the problem. Our culture is. The world we live in is. And, we recognize that we, collectively, are the solution. Each of the talks at this summit explores facets of:

Explore More Summit explores Diet Culture
Explore More Summit explores pleasure in a fat body
Explore More Summit explores self-acceptance in a fat body
Explore More Summit explores what it means to see representation of fat bodies and marginalized bodies in media.

The Explore More: Bodies Edition Experts

From fat activists to self-acceptance warriors, the experts at this break-out summit for Explore More have a wide range of bodies, experiences, and wisdom that will challenge you, push you, and ultimately, invite you towards body liberation.

April Flores

Plus-Size Award-Winning Porn Performer

April Flores speaks at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra
Ashleigh Shackelford

Ashleigh Shackelford

Black Fat Femme Artist, Writer, & Shapeshifter

Bevin Branlandingham

Ultra Rad Self-Acceptance Warrior, Founder of Fat Kid Dance Party

Bevin Branlandingham speaks at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra
Bruce Sturgell

Bruce Sturgell

Founder of Chubstr, Advocate for Men & Style in Big Bodies

Corissa Enneking

Founder of Fat Girl Flow, Writer & YouTuber

Carissa Enneking of Fat Girl Flow
Harnaam Kaur speaks at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra

Harnaam Kaur

The Bearded Dame, Body Positivity Warrior, Model, Activist

Irene McCalphin

Activist, Burlesque Performer, Kinkster, Eater of Food in Public

Irene McCalphin
Ivy Felicia speaks at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra

Ivy Felicia

Holistic Wellness Coach, Body Acceptance Advocate, Founder of Instagram's Fat Women of Color

Lindsey Averill & Viri Lieberman

Filmmakers, Creators of Fattitude the Movie

Lindsey Averill and Viri Lieberman of Fattitude the Movie speak at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra
Melissa A Fabello speaks at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra

Melissa A. Fabello

Expert in Body Politics, Beauty Culture, and Eating Disorders, Feminist

Melissa Toler

Anti-Diet Culture Writer & Expert

Melissa Toler
Ragen Chastain of Dances With Fat speaks at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra

Ragen Chastain

Self-Esteem, Body Image, & Wellness Expert, Creator of DancesWithFat

Substantia Jones

Photo-Activist, Creator of The Adipositivity Project

Substantia Jones of Adipositivity speaks at the Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition with Dawn Serra
Sonalee Rashatwar

Sonalee Rashatwar

Anti-Oppression Fat Positivity Sex Therapist

What makes the Explore More summit different?

Flexible Schedule

Many online summits ask you to commit for 20 hours of talks per day or for 20 days. Explore More is about a short, intense burst designed to give you a live, in-person conference like feel. 

Each day's interviews will be released all at once, which means you get to decide what to watch based on what's most important to you.

A few talks per day, available for free for 24 hours. Can't beat that.

See the Experts

Seeing is believing. Each interview will be a fun and personal experience that packs a ton of value & information you won't find most other places.

Instead of just hearing the experts, you'll get to see them on video. This opportunity means you'll have a chance to see leaders in the field grappling with their own experiences and stories as they share with you.

Real Conversations

This won’t be the same ‘one-size-fits-all’ canned talk you see at many telesummits. These speakers personally inspire ME and we dig into deep places, exploring together, sharing vulnerability, and inviting you along for the ride.

It is all about candid, raw, and real conversations with the world's game changers. Plus, you’ll walk away with new ideas and practical tools you can use right away to improve your life.


Being a part of this summit means you get to be a part of something much bigger than any of us on our own.

In addition to the interviews, when you register for the summit, you'll get access to our private Facebook group.

Plus, if you sign up before December 4th, you'll receive a free workbook for each day of the summit full of prompts, questions, and resources.

Explore More Summit: Bodies Edition

You don't have to feel alone. You are allowed to feel good in your body. Join this free online event and continue the conversation. Starts Monday, December 4, 2017.

If you sign-up before December 4th, you'll also get a free daily workbook as part of your registration. Workbooks are bursting with juicy questions, deep self-reflective exercises, and prompts to help you unlearn diet culture, release the shame that is not yours to carry, and how to be a better ally if you're not in a marginalized body.

Curious about your host?

Dawn Serra, sex coach, sex educator, host of Sex Gets Real, and host of the Explore More Summit

Dawn Serra

Creator & host of the weekly podcast Sex Gets Real, sex coach, sex educator, speaker

Sex is a social skill. I speak it. I write it. I teach it. I help you learn how to develop it.

I am the creator and host of the inclusive, feminist, vulnerability-driven
 weekly podcast, Sex Gets Real. I lecture at colleges and universities on sex and relationships, too.

When I'm not speaking and teaching, I also
 work one-on-one with clients who need to get unstuck around their pleasure and desire. 

But it's not all work! In my downtime, I can often be found watching an episode of Masterchef Australia, cooking up something delicious, or adventuring with my sexy AF husband.